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EASD to take away

As always, EASD conference this year highlighted some practice changing updates. Here are the highlights of the conference brought to you by two of our experience Endocrinology & Diabetes Pharmacists in the UK. Hannah co-chairs the United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association Diabetes and Endocrine Committee, sits on the Diabetes UK Council of Healthcare Professionals and is a Diabetes UK Clinical Champion. Vicky has been part of the UKCPA Diabetes Group committee for the last 9 years. She has been the joint chair of this group for the past 6 years. Currently she is the pharmacist lead of the endocrinology Clinical Reference Group for NHS England and has also worked as pharmacist representative on the guideline development group for the new NICE Type 1 diabetes guideline.


Miss Vicky Ruszala - Endocrinology Specialist Pharmacist, Pharmacist Lead for Endocrinology Clinical Reference Group NHS England

Miss Hannah Beba - Diabetes Specialist Pharmacist, Co-chair UKCPA Diabetes and Endocrinology Committee

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